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Golf Swing Plane Trainer

For many golfers mastering the art of the swing plane can be the most complicated process to learn and even more difficult to master. Why is this os difficult? One of the most important factors that can adversely affect the mastery of the swing plane is the thousands of experts shouting their views on blogs, vlogs, youtube tutorials and websites promising instant results for as little as $9.99.

While they all have merit and many can drastically improve your results, the sheer quantity of advice is staggering.

Of course, without the basics of a proper grip, posture and delivery you will get nowhere. But a solid understanding of how to execute the swing plane is crucial to becoming a formidable golfer. Even though this in itself is the single most difficult aspect of golf to master, it is not actually that complicated in itself.

The most common comment is “I’m doing fine as long as I’m not trying to hit the ball very hard”. The fact is that your ball will go directly where you want it to go as long as you stay on plane, if more strength is applied but the plane is lost, the ball could end up anywhere. Remember that the ball is hit on the downswing.

Even with all the important fundamental, an off plane swing can lead to all sorts of errors. Slicing, hooking, fat shots and even shaking can all result from the off-plane swing.

The proper swing plane is a precise correlation between the butt of the club in relation to the ball and the sternum. This is the same no matter the different body types of the golfer.  There is a consistent relation between these three elements; the ball, the sternum and butt of the club. If this relation is consistent in the backswing and, depending on the the type of shot your are attempting to make, the follow through, your shot will be made just right.

Now the fundamentalists can debate the various types of planes until they are blue in the face. But the takeaway is this, the important relation between the butt of the club, the sternum and the ball decides the precision of the shot.

Introducing the Swing Plane Trainer

Many swing plane trainers are appearing on the market with the sole purpose of improving this technique. The idea is that by properly guiding the motion, the golfer will become increasingly aware of what the proper swing plane looks and feels like. This will help them to cultivate their own cultured motion combining precision and power.

Regular practice will help to ingrain the proper correlation between the three main position points, After repeated use, this can strengthen the upper body rotation delivering greater power and improved accuracy to the shot.

There is an excellent golfer hiding inside every aspiring rookie. Proper practice and instruction is what is needed to complete the transformation. With a handy gadget like the swing trainer, your golfing mastery could be months away.