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Why You Should Consider Wearing Massage Sandals

Are you the kind of person who regularly goes to a spa resort? If so, then you’ve probably tried wearing reflexology sandals multiple times. These aren’t your ordinary flip-flops. The slippers are specially designed to simulate reflexology treatment. They massage your soles as you stroll about the spa. The thing is, you have to return them before you leave. Fortunately, you can enjoy this all-day massage at home by getting your own pair of reflexology sandals. Here are some of the top reasons why you should wear massage sandals.Massage Sandals

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that involves stimulating reflex areas in your feet. The idea is that these reflex points correspond to different glands and organs of the body. Through effective stimulation of these reflexes, you can improve your overall health and wellbeing. A reflexology treatment typically involves a therapist using her fingers to massage the sole of the feet. But by wearing massage insoles, the same effect can be achieved.

Spa slippers are characterized by small rubber or plastic nodules. These are specifically designed to stimulate the nerve endings in your feet. By wearing them as you proceed with your day to day activities, you’re essentially giving yourself an all-day massage without even scheduling a trip to the spa. This can prove to be a great investment that will help your body regain its natural balance.

Many say that wearing reflexology sandals are too painful. Even manufacturers do not dispute this claim. Reflexology therapists explain that this is completely natural and to be expected. The feet of humans aren’t designed for shoes. They evolved to better walk on rocks, which stimulate the nerves in the soles. By breaking in the sandals gradually, it’s possible to get used to the feeling. While they can provide a great deal of discomfort, it’s a small price to pay in exchange for the health benefits they bring.

There are plenty of manufacturers that sell spa slippers. While most of the slippers look the same, they usually vary in material. Some use plastic nubs while others opt for rubber nodules. The hardness of the spikes may also vary, with some providing pliable nubs that are gentler on the feet. It’s recommended to choose reflexology sandals that have varying nodule sizes. This ensures that every reflex point can be stimulated as you walk or stand.

It’s essential to note that using the right pair of sandals is important to get optimal results. Your choice all boils down to personal preference. The key is to keep using the sandals even if they cause pain or discomfort during the first few days. Stimulating the reflex points helps induce a healing response, allowing your body to repair itself and improve overall health. Reflexology has also been shown to improve blood circulation and relieve stress.

Massage sandals are definitely worth a try. While many skeptics continue to think that these flip-flops are no more than a gimmick, health experts suggest that they can bring positive changes to your health when used consistently.