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Say Cheese: The 5 Most Effective North York Dentist Tips


When you smile, you want the world to see your happiness, not a mouth full of cavities or dingy, yellow teeth. It doesn’t matter if you’re passing a stranger and saying “Good Morning” or having your picture taken for the local news paper – your healthy, white smile matters!

Here are five effective North York dentist tips to keep your smile shining brightly:

1. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Many adults don’t see their dentist every year like they did when they were growing up. This can lead to oral problems that are far more severe than if you had your mouth checked regularly.

In addition to cavities and gum disease, your dentist is also trained to spot the early signs of oral cancer, too, something that everyone should be aware of.

2. Brush And Floss Three Times Each Day

If you eat three times a day, you should brush and floss three times a day also. Although it’s most important to brush and floss when you first get up and before going to bed, it really matters that you clean teeth quickly after meals.

3. Avoid Foods And Beverages That Ruin Teeth

Drinking a lot of coffee, for example, could very well lead to a dingy smile; other foods and beverages contribute to stains and discoloration, thus it’s very important to watch what you consume. Ask your dentist what you should and shouldn’t eat. It goes without saying that smoking is the fastest way to ruin your beautiful smile!

4. Don’t Chew Things That Can Harm Teeth

Hard candies and ice are just a few examples of things that can hurt your teeth when you chew them. Despite how strong your teeth are, they weren’t really designed to crunch hard objects, so exercise caution.

5. Be Careful With Store-Bought Whiteners

There are many products you can buy in the store that promise whiter teeth, but nobody gets them as white as your North York dentist. Products that are effective are often very strong and should be used with professional supervision or at least professional advice.

Other products that don’t contain the strong ingredients aren’t going to be that effective anyway, so ask your dentist to help you achieve the whitest, brightest smile possible, but safely.

Nobody knows how to keep a smile shining like North York dentist, so follow these tips regularly. No matter what in the world makes you smile, you want to make sure your teeth contribute in a positive way.